10.5kg capacity with AI DD ™ System


Key Features

  • AI DD ™ intelligent fabric preservation system
  • SteamTM
  • SmartThinQ ™
  • Compatible with TWINWash ™ Mini.
10.5kg capacity with AI DD ™ System
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Intelligent fabric preservation system 18% more fabric preservation

By calculating the washing machine usage data, the AI ​​DD ™ system selects the spin cycle that is most appropriate for each washing cycle. For superior fabric preservation

How does AI DD ™ technology work?

The LG DD ™ technology in LG washing machines doesn't just weigh the weight of each drum. But will check the type of fabric and choose the spin of the laundry to suit the fabric the most.


Deep clean

The LG steam ™ washing machine removes 99.9% of allergens such as dust mites, small dust in the fabric. Which may cause allergies or respiratory problems

Removing 99.9% of allergens

By washing with the Steam function to eliminate allergens up to 99.9%

Increase the washing capacity

Increase the washing capacity But the same device size

Same-sized washing machine But the washing capacity has increased! Help save space

Use more durable

Increase durability and clean

Increase external durability with safety glass doors. While maintaining the cleanliness of the washing tub better with a stainless steel washing tub

Control panel design

The control panel is easy to use and luxurious.

Control panel design for easy operation With decorated in metallic silver

Perfectly matched

It can be used with the TWINWash ™ Mini Washing Machine.

You can use it with a TWINWash ™ Mini washing machine that will allow you to separate two laundries at the same time. It helps to save time washing clothes, so you have more free time.

SmartThinQ ™

More convenient with the SmartThinQ ™ application.

More convenient to use by operating through the SmartThinQ ™ application. Just connect your washing machine and your smartphone. You can also operate remotely via WIFI.


capacity 10.5 kg.
Washing system AI DD ™
Motor system Inverter Direct Drive
Tub stainless
Maximum spin 1400
Body color White
Program to wash the tub have
Program for washing time in advance have
Built-in heating system have
Jet Spray (Turbo Wash) none
Steam Steam
Body size Width 600 X Height 850 X Depth 560 mm.
Motor warranty 10 years
Machine warranty 1 year