9kg Dual Inverter Heat Pump Dryer


Key Features

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  • DUAL Inverter Heat Pump ™
  • Eco Hybrid ™
  • Allergy Care
  • Clear the filter automatically
9kg Dual Inverter Heat Pump Dryer
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DUAL Inverter Heat Pump ™

Drying, saving energy and time

Advanced inverter technology with DUAL Heat Pump ™ Inverter is developed to deliver higher energy efficiency or less time than ever.

DUAL Inverter Heat Pump ™

Extend the rotation speed From very early to late Without turning on and off the device

Energy efficiency A +++ - 10% *

DUAL Inverter Heat Pump ™ dryer works with the best energy efficiency level.

10 years warranty

DUAL Inverter Compressor guarantees the compressor for 10 years

Eco Hybrid ™

Choose the power saving or time function.

Eco Hybrid ™ technology provides the option of saving energy or drying time. Depends on your lifestyle

Gentle Care

Reduce wrinkles on clothes And prevent the shrinkage of the fabric fibers

Low temperatures will help reduce wrinkles. And prevent the shrinkage of the fabric with heat pump technology

Allergy Care

Removes 99.9% of allergens in the fabric

Allergy Care program can remove 99.9% of allergens in the fabric such as dust mites. These substances may cause allergies or respiratory problems. Help improve the quality of life by keeping the environment free from allergens.

Auto Cleaning Condenser

Maintain the drying efficiency

Auto Cleaning Condenser helps to ensure proper airflow in order to maintain the drying efficiency. It is also easy to clean. Makes you more free time

Double layer filter

Always clean

Double layer filter helps the dryer
Fabric maintains the efficiency of drying
By filtering the fiber from the clothes

Sensor Dry

Increase the efficiency of the laundry

Moisture detection of clothes And automatically set the drying time

Smart ThinQ ™

More convenience with Smart ThinQ ™

From controlling the operation of the machine through a remote connection To download additional work programs Your dryer will work more intelligently. Let you order the dryer from anywhere, anytime via Wi-Fi connection

Choose matching LG washers and dryers.

Use more easily

LG designs LG's dryers and washing machines to fit together. For you to use easily Saves time and money


capacity 9 kg baked
Baking system Dual Inverter Heat Pump
Body color White
Baking program 10 programs
Special program 4 programs
Body size Width 600 X height 850 X depth 610 mm
Motor warranty 10 years