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Growing Together

Company Overview

"GGEAR Group is the exclusive partner of Hyundai elevator, AJ auto parking system and the main supplier and retailer of all LG Electronics product in Cambodia established in 2011." We offer all range of LG products including Home Appliances, Home Entertainment, Room Air-Conditioner and Commercial Air-Conditioner for our ideal customers. Such premium products and services bring our customers toward a new level of daily life routine with the latest technology in hands.


GGEAR is committed to being a leading electronic supplier Cambodia that access the satisfaction level and lives of our customers by our premium products and services.


  • Deliver the premium service.
  • Provide the latest technology of electronic product.
  • Ensure good relationship with customers at all level.

Timeline Establishment

We succeeded in opening ten LG BrandShops in Cambodia: 1. Phnom Penh, 2. Siem Reap, 3. Batambang, 4. Kampong Cham, 5. Sihanouk Ville, 6. Phsar Doeumkor(PP), 7. Stueng Mean Chey (PP), 8. Takhmao, 9. Kamport, 10. Tul Kok(PP), 11. Kampong Thom, 12. Kampong Speu, 13. Sen Sok(PP), 14.Takeo, 15.Stung Treng, 16.Svay Rieng. 17.Krong Soung. 18.Toul Tumpoung. We continue to bring every customer in every province to experience our products and services.

LG Exclusive
01 December 2012 LG Brand Shop
Phnom Penh
01 January 2013 LG Brand Shop
Siem Reap
01 November 2013 LG Brand Shop
01 October 2014 LG Brand Shop
Kampong Cham
01 March 2015 LG Brand Shop
Sihanouk Ville
01 August 2017 LG Brand Shop
Phsar Doeumkor
01 December 2017 LG Brand Shop
Steung Meanchey
01 May 2019 LG Brand Shop
01 August 2019 LG Brand Shop
23 July 2020 LG BrandShop
Toul Kork
25 October 2020 LG BrandShop
Kampong Thom
10 December 2020 LG BrandShop
Kampong Speu
25 June 2021 LG Brand Shop
Sen Sok
01 October 2021 LG Brand Shop
29 October 2021 LG Brand Shop
Stung Treng
23 December 2021 LG Brand Shop
Svay Rieng
13 May 2022 LG Brand Shop
13 October 2022 LG Brand Shop
Toul Tumpoung


What Is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a self-regulating business model that helps a company be socially accountable to itself, its stakeholders, and the public.

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Head Office

Tel: (+855) 23 888 299
Open Hours: Mon to Fri 8am-6pm
Address: #135A, Monivong Blvd, Monorom,
7 Makara, Phnom Penh 12251
Fax: (+855) 23 888 189
Email: info@ggear.com.kh

Service Hotline

Tel: (+855) 23 222 699
Mon to Sun 8am-8pm

Customer Service

Tel: (+855) 23 888 199
Open Hours: Mon to Sat 8am-12pm
Email: service.pp@ggear.com.kh