Wash Two Loads of
Clothes at Once

Save time and effort as you enjoy efficient laundry days,
by having the ability to wash two load of clothes in one go.

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Energy Saving & Better Washing

LG Washing machine meets smart Inverter for better effeciency.

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Freedom to Clean Anywhere

Experience the latest innovation on cordless vacuum cleaners with powerful suction and longer-lasting battery. CordZero redefines convenience for the ultimate clean.

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Knock Twice, See Inside

Why bother to open the refrigerator door every time to see what's inside? Now you can see inside your fridge just by knocking twice on LG InstaView Door-in-Door without opening the door help keep food fresher and longer.

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Robot Vacuums

Clean your floors without lifting a finger. Featuring advanced technology, the LG Roboking robot vacuum uses onboard cameras to analyse your home, map its path and efficiently clean your speace.

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Explore LG our complete collection and discover the latest technology and the most innovative designs.


LG world’s first microwave oven with two fans ensures that the heat is distributed perfectly throughout the oven.


Award winning Front Load and high efficiency Top Load Washing Machine


From hardwood floors to staircases, LG vacuum cleaner models are designed for a variety of spaces.

Fridges and Freezers

View all LG Fridge Freezers and choose from large and small, black or silver.

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Enjoy the Freedom of Cleaning

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Microwave Oven

LG’s microwave technology is designed to make life good

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Wash two loads at the
same time

Do two things at the once just like LG TwinWash.

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