Private: 9kg Top Load LG Washing Machine

Key Features

  • Smart Inverter Control
  • Smart Motion
  • LoDecibel™ Quiet System
  • Smart Diagnosis™


Private: 9kg Top Load LG Washing Machine

Save more energy with Smart Inverter Motor

Inverter system Is a technology that saves energy With better control of work Helps to increase the efficiency of the motor. Resulting in energy savings and greater durability

Smart Motion

3 types of rotating tubs, which are controlled by Smart Inverter, help increase washing and preserving efficiency.

TurboDrum ™

Increase washing efficiency and remove stubborn stains with powerful whirlpools. Caused by the reverse rotation of the tub and washing dishes

Punch + 3

Punch + 3 swivel plate creates vertical water waves that help the clothes to spread apart, increasing washing efficiency.

Auto pre wash

Auto Pre Wash is an easy way to help get rid of deep stains in the fabric. As if adding 1 wash before washing

Side waterfall

The water dropping point allows the detergent to disperse into the fabric faster and more thoroughly than before. And also better to remove detergent residue in the fabric

LoDecibel ™ motor for quiet operation & vibration reduction

BMC System, besides helping to protect the motor Also helps to reduce working noise And reduce vibrations while the machine is operating Which we guarantee the motor for 10 years

Smart DiagnosisTM

If problems occur while using You can use the application. Or call the LG Service Center To analyze problems that occur Saves time, is convenient and does not
need to wait for the technician to come to inspect the house

Safe and convenient to use.

Modern design and increase durability More convenient to use

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