Round Cassette

LG Round Cassette not only provides a luxurious design,
but also covers large areas with flexible airflow.

Floor Standing

LG Floor Standing allows cooling and heating faster and wider, reaching every corner of a room.

Powerful Airflow

With powerful air speed and volume, the airflow can reach up to 20 meters. This allows fresh and comfortable cooling much sooner.

Single Split

Its compatibility with a wide range of indoor units elevates the comfort of the space and provides optimal energy efficiency and reliable performance.

DUAL Vane Cassette

LG DUAL Vane Cassette delivers wider airflow with two individual vanes. No matter where it’s installed, you can customize airflow with fine angle control.

Differentiated Design

Award-winning elegance of the ceiling suspended unit comes with the stunning V-shaped design and black vane.

Ceiling Suspended

Modern & tasteful aesthetics perfectly blending in with the indoor environment

Ceiling Concealed Duct

Invisible cooling solution suitable for applications that require interior aesthetics.

Flexible Installation
(Low Static Duct Only)

The new low static duct allows the air intake
at the rear or bottom under installation condition.

VRF System

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