Tekken II Series

Inheriting the robust and reliable performance from the classic Tekken series, Tekken II further extends its pixel pitches to 2.6, 2.9 and 3.9mm, suitable for indoor and outdoor rental application.

High Brightness

With outstanding visibility and reliable performance, the perfect outdoor solution for displaying both advertising and information.

GX Series LED
Signage Display

has the highest cost performance, achieving the best
balance between minimizing budget and meeting
quality standards.


Diverse models available in a range of case designs for outdoor applications including in stadiums, and for outdoor advertisements and public displays.

Multiple Installation Method

Match-in cabinets with diverse sizes and standardized universal modules enable users to achieve the needs of their daily operation.

130" All-in-one LED

The LG 130" All-in-one LED Screen features a 130-inch large screen with no bezel. With superb picture quality powered by HDR and immersive Surface Sound,

4K Large Screen Display

Slim Design and delivering immersive viewing experience by 4 times higher definition picture quality than FHD.

LG One:Quick All-in-One Display

complete with built-in camera, microphones and speakers there's no need to stress over online meetings.

Best for Corporate

More data and information are being processed and shared, and bigger ideas are being generated. A new era of collaboration has arrived. To keep up with the change, our office environment is evolving to reflect the need for open, small workplaces and remote collaboration.

Commercial TV

With LG Pro: Centric Hotel TV and Signage solution, managers can create customized guest care content, more simply and easily.

Commercial TV

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