Models that encapsulate Hyundai Elevator's expertise and advanced technology, provide the ultimate mobility experience through sophisticated design, comfortable rides, efficiency, and eco-friendly performance.

Considerate of passenger comfort

with sophisticated design and hygiene-focused features.

Breaking away from the past perception of elevators as mere transportation devices,
NewYzer strives for elevators that bring happiness to people.

HYUNDAI Elevator

places top priority on users’ preferences because it considers an elevator more than a machine for moving people

Diverse car designs match your architectural concepts.

Home Elevator

For the safety and comfort of your elderly family members.

Freight & Automobile Elevators

A wide range of models of freight elevators are designed to handle from lightweight cargoes to heavy loads such as forklifts.

Hyundai Moving Walks

Automatic Parking System

Fixtures Design

Operating panels and indicators that are easy to use and clean moving solutions that take into consideration the hygienic use of elevators maximize users' satisfaction.

Antivirus Handrail

Made of antivirus material, the handrail serves to keep users from harmful virus.

Home Elevator

Modern, Simple and High Quality Elevators Design for Elderly and children at home.

Hyundai Escalators

Moving solutions with safety, reliability and efficiency offer a streamlined touch of styling and proficiency while addressing the very latest in safety concerns.

Moving Walks

applicable to various buildings and facilities such as supermarkets, subways and railroad stations, sports stadiums, department stores.

Clean Moving Solutions

State-of-the-art solutions for a non-contact era, making shared spaces smart an keeping them clean!

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