Ceiling Mounted Cassette

Ceiling Cassette

Key Features

  • Stylish Design | Optimized Cooling
Ceiling Mounted Cassette
Ceiling Cassette
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LG Ceiling Cassette Blends in well with the decor.

Stylish Design

LG Ceiling Cassette air conditioner maximizes interior aesthetics, that’s appropriate for any space.

Design Excellence

See LG’s IF design award winning air conditioner that exudes modern elegance.

Compact Design

It’s slim and compact in height, which enables convenient and less invasive installation.

Quiet Operation

It’s very quiet so you won’t even notice that air conditioner is running while it comfortably cools your space.

Optimized Cooling

LG Ceiling Cassette helps maintain ideal and comfortable indoor environment.

High Ceiling Mode

Powerful airflow can reach every corner and
optimally cool a space, even from a ceiling as
high as 4.2m.

Independent Vane Operation

Each vane moves independently so that wind
blows at flexible angles.

Wide Jet Airflow

Length of each vane has increased, which enables wide airflow distribution.

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