Ceiling Suspended Unit

Ceiling Suspended

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Ceiling Suspended Unit
Ceiling Suspended
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Ceiling Suspended

Modern and Tasteful Aesthetics blends in perfectly with the surrounding environments.

Differentiated Design

See LG's IF design award winning air conditioner that exudes mordern elegance.

iF Award Winning Design

Stunning V-shaped design and black vane helped LG's new ceiling-suspended air conditioner earn the iF Design Award.

Powerful Cooling

The unrivaled performance with Quick & Wide Cooling.

Large Outlet Space

Enlarged outlet space enables cooling more smoothly.

Optimized Air Flow Path

To find optimized air flow, LG design not only external shape but also internal unseen space.

Long Air Flow

LG’s air conditioner technology achieves 15 meters of air flow distance by 20% minimizing air flow resistance. (operating condition : 58kBtu)

Quick Cooling

LG's powerful cooling solution significantly reduces cooling time.

Lowest Noise Level

Equipped with a BLDC motor and optimized fan speed, the new air conditioner has
one of the lowest noise levels in the industry.

One-touch Filter

One Touch filter makes cleaning and maintenance easy & quick.

Two Thermistor Control

As optional, additional thermistor checks precisely indoor temperature for multiple locations.

Light Weight

Featuring a light drain panel and steel materials, making it extremely easy to install almost anywhere.

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