Multi V Water IV

Multi V Water

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Multi V Water IV
Multi V Water
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Multi V Water IV

New paradigm thinking of air conditioning coexists with nature.

Environment-friendly Renewable Energy Solution

River, Sea, Ground water and Geothermal. Thinking of our nature, we are finding renewable solutions to enrich our environment.

Water as a Natural Heat Source

Ground water, lake, river and sea can be sources of renewable energy. LG’s heat pump solution utilizes the thermal energy in the water to air condition your buildings and houses.

Geothermal Heat Source

LG’s Multi V Water IV solution absorbs the heat from the soil and ground for cooling and heating.

Cooling Tower

It is also possible to adopt already-existing cooling towers when installing Multi V Water IV.

World Top Class Efficiency

Multi V Water IV delivers industry leading energy efficiency, helping to significantly reduce the energy consumption of a building.

High Efficiency Regardless of External Condition

Regardless of outdoor temperature and other environment conditions, Multi V Water IV is the optimal solution for high-rise buildings.

LG’s 4th Generation Inverter Compressor

With a fourth generation inverter compressor, the Multi V Water IV boasts top-class energy efficiency.

Extended Compressor Speed 20~140Hz

Multi V Water IV compressor elaborately adjusts its speed in respond to required temperature, thus reducing energy loss while providing comfort in a short period of time.

LG’s HIPOR™ (High Pressure Oil Return)

LG’s HIPOR™ technology resolves compressor efficiency loss and improves part load efficiency by directly collecting oil to the inside of the compressor.

Smart Oil Return

Smart Oil Return system operates only when required. It makes compressor's reliability & user comfort are better.

Variable Water Flow Control Valve

LG applied the world’s first variable water flow control system to deduce circulation pump energy consumption, by controlling embedded kit.

Easy Installation

Flexible design and Large Capacity of Multi V Water IV provides most convenience to install.

Expanded Piping Capabilities

Multi V Water IV boasts long piping capabilities. 1000 meters in total piping length (longest piping length between outdoor & indoor unit is 200 meters).

Lightweight Outdoor Units

Multi V Water IV is easy to handle and install due to lightweight outdoor units.

Large Capacity

Multi V Water IV’s large one unit capacity significantly saves valuable spaces of a building.

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